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Challenge South West (the club) mainly runs Off-Road Challenge Events, but also offer Club Camping Weekends, as well as offering Training Days and Non-Competitive Events in Somerset, Devon and Cornwall.  You will see us at a number of Events & Shows  as well.  We have also assisted in running off road courses for Dealership Open Days and Main Ring Demonstrations at 4x4 shows.  We have built a reputation for being extremely well organised in what we do but also with the emphasis on having fun.  All our events are run under our own independent public liability insurance.

The Club also runs the De-Cider Trophy which is one of the premier off-road challenge events in the UK.

For the latest news on events go to our Facebook page where any changes will be notified quickly.

Challenge South West was originally set up to encourage new comers to the sport of Off Road Challenge.  We offer advice and guidance from experienced club members to people new to the sport so you can learn how to do things both safely and effectively and get the best from your vehicle.  You tell us on your entry form what your experience level is and the type of vehicle you drive, then we set up an event to suit you and your vehicle.

We try very hard to make events challenging for all skill levels but also non-damaging and you will never be forced to go somewhere or do something you are not comfortable with. That said, we cannot cover every eventuality and competitors should not attempt challenges above their skill level.  They should stop and ask for assistance or advice if at any point they are unsure.